Welcome to my virtual homestead! It serves as a central nexus around which you can explore various aspects of me – including a number of other sites I run. Feel free to explore!


  • Dave Enjoys – I post about different products, services, and organizations that I find to be of high quality. My goal is to promote what is worthwhile and help folks find their way through the massive quantity of products and services available to the very best.


  • The Network Engineer – A basic compendium of IT technologies and concepts for aspiring IT engineers.

Mental Health

  • OCD Dave – Focuses on mental health issues – with the primary focus being on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. As someone with childhood onset OCD and Depression, I have a lot of experience with and am constantly learning about these (and other) mental health topics and want to share my knowledge to assist others who are suffering as I have.


  • FreeWargamer – One of my hobbies is computer wargaming. I’ve long run the most extensive site on free computer wargames on the internet.
  • Hutsell’s Games – I’m the official distributor for W.R. Hutsell’s classic, turn-based strategy war games and this is the official site for Hutsell’s games.
  • Game Secretary – One of my first ASP.NET sites it offers a large database of group games for youth leaders.
  • Baby Programmer – I’ve been programming for a long time but never has it been my full-time job. I have a lot of knowledge across a lot of languages, but in some ways I’m still a neophyte. This is where I collect and organize development info. I want to retain in the future.
  • WP Developing – A site where I collect resources and information relating to WordPress, especially those regarding the customization and extension of WP.


  • Layered Bible – This is a long-term and slowly progressing project to develop something similar to William Barclay’s Daily Study Bible for the entire bible.
  • Open Source Scriptures – An attempt to build on top of the ASV and WEB to create an entirely crowd-sourced translation of Scripture with a high level of quality and readability.


  • DaveMackey.net – This is where you are now, the central hub from which one can find the rest of me.

Future (Incomplete) Sites

  • Philanthropy Catalyst (PhilCata) – Facilitates mutually beneficial relationships between nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and businesses.
    • For NPO’s, offers a directory of organizations that provide discounts/gratis products/services to NPO’s.
    • For businesses, offers opportunity to promote services to NPO’s and guidance in making growing their business through strategic work with NPO’s.
  • Wipsum – A web directory of the best websites on the internet. Its fairly small currently.