A Medication / Vitamin / Other Supplement Management Platform?

I feel like maybe this exists and that perhaps I have even read about such a system somewhere but I’m unsure of how to ask Google (or Bing, etc.) in a meaningful way about this platform. I’m hoping someone is aware of what I am describing, if it exists, and if not, maybe we should build it.

It would be great if consumers (and medical professionals) could utilize a simple web/phone-based system to manage the different medications, vitamins, and other supplements they may be taking and monitor for unexpected interactions.

For example, an individual might take two anti-depressants simultaneously. If both operate by increasing serotonin availability there is a risk of serotonin shock syndrome. It would be great if one could enter the two anti-depressants into a system and the system would make them aware of the potential for the syndrome.

Lets begin layering some additional medications onto our imaginary patient – they might be using a muscle relaxer due to a back injury AND may have been exposed to poison and thus are on a NSAID. What are the possible side-effects of these combinations?

Now what if the individual wants to take a multivitamin? Will it increase or decrease the potency of any of these drugs?

And what about specific vitamins? Or minerals? Or herbs? etc.?

OTC medications for a cold, a cough, a headache?

Such a tool would be most useful to individuals who have some chronic condition(s), for those who only ever need to take one medication at a time, this system would be overkill.

Ideally such a system would also allow one to surface other interactions – e.g. specific foods that should be avoided.

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