A (Simple) Electronics Question: Unexpected Behavior

I recently bought a Snap Circuit kit for my son that we have been using to build various projects offered in the provided manual. We started with a simple switched light like so:

Then we added a motor with a fan like so:

As one might expect, the light grew dimmer as now the light was sharing the electricity with the fan.

Then Asher took the fan off the motor and something unexpected happened – the light turned on momentarily (when the switch was turned on) and then went out (added detail: I neglected to mention initially that the motor is still rotating at a high speed, it doesn’t stop even though the light goes out). Like so:

It is this last result that has us confused. Shouldn’t the motor be consuming less electricity since it doesn’t have to overcome the air resistance caused by the fan?

I’m a tech guy, but not an electrical guy, any ideas?

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