Being More Productive with Quora Using Python

I asked my first question on Quora way back in 2011. Since then I’ve asked another 560 questions and written 209 answers. I use Quora regularly and don’t see that changing in the near future. Unfortunately, I’ve found Quora’s usability has decreased as the volume of content I’ve created (particularly questions) has increased.

I know there are some browser extensions out there and some scripts for augmenting Quora’s built-in functionality but I haven’t found the tool I’m looking for yet. Maybe you know of a tool that would meet my needs? Or maybe you can point me in the direction of developing such a tool using Python or by creating a browser extension?

So what exactly am I looking for?

Right now questions appear on one’s profile page like this:

Or on one’s content page like this:

Ideally We’d get something more like this:

  • We keep the question text and link (if present) as currently shown.
  • We provide significantly more detail on the question itself.
    • How many answers have been written.
    • How many comments have been written.
    • How many people are following the question.
    • How many people have been asked the question.
    • How many more people we can ask today.
    • How many times the question has been viewed.
    • How many times the question has been shared.

Some of these details are available if you have are part of the partner program, but the filtering and sorting options leave much to be desired, so you end up looking for information across at least three different areas of Quora.

I did not include, but it would probably be helpful to have:

  • The time at which the question was posted (next to the date).
  • The topics and spaces associated with the question.
  • If a partner:
    • the revenue generated by the question
    • the number of ad impressions
    • traffic sources (internal/external)

So we’d have one pane for managing questions instead of multiple. In addition I’d like to see some advanced search/sort/filter options. Right now we get a few:

  • Sort
    • Newest
    • Oldest
  • Filter
    • By Topic
    • By Year

Ideally we should be able to perform free form full-text search on our questions and have additional sorting/filtering options.

For example we short should be able to view by answers, comments, followers, asked, can ask, views, and/or shares. Similar to what we see in spreadsheet applications.

There is lots more that could be added but lets consider this the fundamentals. So…suggestions? Existing solutions? Interested in working on one together? Have a few pointers?

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