Best Way To Take an (Severely) Anxious Cat on a Long Trip

One of my cats (George) has severe anxiety. This anxiety manifests most strongly when he needs to travel (vet appointments, moving homes). Soon we will be moving yet again and this time it is a LONG trip (13 hrs).

I don’t want him to be terrified ever but especially not for such a long period of time. I’m wondering on the best way to transport him. Is there a sedative OTC or from a veterinarian that would allow him to sleep during the ride? Or an anti-anxiety medication?

Giving him away isn’t really an option for two reasons.

  1. He doesn’t do well with transitions and moving to a new family would be dreadful for him.
  2. He has really (I mean clear the room) stinky feces which remains uncured after veterinarian visits and various treatments.

I’d welcome any suggestions on ways to make his trip more comfortable!

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