Looking for a Dictionary

I’m looking for an (English) dictionary, but not just any dictionary…This dictionary should:

  1. Exclude definitions of basic words (e.g. dog, cat, and, the)
  2. Not be exhaustive in its coverage of words (e.g., excessively domain specific words21-hydroxyprogesterone, 3,5,3′-triiodothyronine)
  3. Provide more descriptive definitions in contrast to limited but more numerous definitions of a single word.
  4. Is easily consumable in its entirety (rather than many electronic dictionaries which make it difficult to browse words, e.g. you need to know the word before you use the dictionary).

Bonus points for this dictionary if it:

  1. Has some sense of usage frequency in its selection of words.
  2. If electronic, allows one to track one’s reading of definitions.
  3. If electronic, provides audio pronunciation of words.

Any suggestions?

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