My Sites

There are bits of me floating all over the internet, many parts I’ve long forgotten. Here are various sites I’ve created that I do remember and may be of interest to you!

  • Baby Programmer – The most general site I run on coding. Covers a variety of languages, concepts, and tooling. More of a notebook for myself than for others – but if it’s useful, huzzah!
  • WP Developing – Covers the WordPress world, another site that is primarily a notebook for myself.
  • The Network Engineer – I was a systems guy for a number of years and this site covers various systems related topics such as firewalls, servers, data storage, and software. I also dump knowledge about Ubiquiti Networks on this site.
  • Dave Enjoys – I wrote about a lot of stuff I enjoyed over a number of years and I still post on the rare occasion.
  • OCD Dave – Covers a number of mental health topics including OCD, ADD, Depression, and CBT.
  • FreeWargamer – Covers free and inexpensive computer strategy / tactical war games. I personally enjoy turn-based historical semi-casual games.
  • Hutsell Games – A series of classic, now free and open source, turn-based historical war games. Entrusted to me by the original author, W.R. Hutsell.
  • A Few Books – I’ve published several contemporary/annotated editions of classic/historic works, both fiction and nonfiction. A Few Books provides additional information.