So…this page is where I keep a list of projects I am / want to work on and resources associated with them. I don’t know that I’ll ever get to half these projects…this page is mainly for my own reference.

[These projects are listed alphabetically]

Layered Bible

I have personally been greatly blessed by William Barclay’s Daily Study Bible series and would like to create a moderate evangelical equivalent. One that doesn’t attempt to lay new ground but rather attempts to provide insight on a readable level of general audiences.


This is one of my least public projects as discussing the ideas behind it could undermine it. Lets just say that it would change the internet. 🙂

Open Source Scriptures

An open source contemporary translation of the Scriptures.

Social Search

I know this has been tried by a dozen different companies, including Google and MediaWiki, but I’d still like to try myself. I first had the idea around 2003 and have held onto the idea ever since and am convinced that I have some of the ingredients missing from previous attempts.

  • CommonCrawl – A huge, freely available repository of crawl data, removing the necessity of crawling one’s own pages, this reduces the bar for creating a search engine significantly.
  • Delicious API
  • Diigo API